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Get Ready for Squirrel Appreciation Day 2K19!

Jan 7, 2019 10:17:00 AM / by Mackenzie Chapman

Today is the day to appreciate all 200+ species of squirrels! Squirrel Appreciation Day is observed annually on January 21. 

Squirrels can provide some quality entertainment when they aren't trying to sabotage our bird feeders. Though we try to shut down their evil plots at every chance by purchasing Pine Tree Farms Hot Pepper Suet, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, or even some Cole's Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce, squirrels are still comical creatures. 

Squirrels, and birds too, will find our selection of squirrel-friendly food and feeders to be quite the treat! Experienced birders have even found that offering squirrels their own food source is likely to keep t hem from constantly emptying bird feeders. Contrary to the popular birder's opinion, squirrels are beneficial to Mother Earth by helping to spread spores which encourage the dispersal and growth of certain small plants and fungi. They are also a tasty treat (sorry squirrels) and help support a widespread wildlife population. 

All the species of squirrels can be categorized into three main groups: ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels. Ground squirrels primarily live in the prairies and deserts of North America. Tree squirrels are the rascals that are often caught stealing seed from our bird feeders. They make their homes in cities and the countryside throughout the world. The final type of squirrels, are the flying squirrels that have flaps of skin between their legs to help them glide further distances, making it look like they can fly. 


Nutty Squirrel Facts

  • Squirrels can find food buried underneath a foot of snow! They have great sniffers!
  • A squirrel's front teeth never stop growing. (All they want for Christmas is their two front teeth to keep growing... doesn't have the same ring to it.)
  • They are tricksters! Squirrels can pretend to bury a nut to throw off potential thieves.
  • Squirrels should enter the Olympics because they are quite the acrobats. Don't believe us? Try to hang a bird feeder and watch them attack!
  • The critters play a roll in planting trees! Squirrels don't dig up all of the nuts they bury which result in more trees. 


Are you NUTS for squirrels?

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Mackenzie Chapman

Written by Mackenzie Chapman