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New Feeders Just In Time For National Bird Feeding Month

Feb 7, 2020 10:59:12 AM / by Amanda Joest

Hey! JCs Wildlife, what are those weird bird feeders on your website?


Yellow Ground Feeder


Red Large Fly-Thru Ground Feeder


I am glad you asked! These interesting-looking bird feeders are our new ground feeders, and we rolled them out just in time for National Bird Feeding Month!


Why do they work?


These feeders will attract a greater variety of birds. Often, ground foraging birds such as Mourning Doves, native Sparrows, Juncos, and Towhees are not at home on hanging perch feeders. And even tray- or platform-style and hopper feeders that allow them to stand instead of cling as they feed are often too high off the ground. These birds are ingrained with generations of foraging instinct that make flat feeders close to the ground more appealing to them.


As is the case with any feeder, though, keep in mind that the seed that you offer also has a large impact on the birds you will attract. Our feeders are appropriate for any suet, seed, or blend. Our favorites include fruits, nuts, and the all-popular black oil sunflower seeds.




How do humans like them?


Honestly, what is there not to like about these feeders?! Just like our hanging and pole-mountable fly-thru feeders, the ground feeders are made right here in Southern Indiana (literally feet from where I am sitting, writing this)! We used our low-maintenance, eco-friendly recycled poly lumber and designed a sturdy, weather resistant tray to hold the seed. Serious birders and the casual bird admirer alike will appreciate how this cuts down on wasted, moldy seed, and makes cleaning and refilling the feeder quick and easy!




Tell us more!


Check out our new feeders in our store and read more about bird feeding or National Bird Feeding Month on our blog! And as always:

Happy Feeding!

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Amanda Joest

Written by Amanda Joest