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Product Spotlight: JCs Wildlife Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder

Feb 25, 2020 1:56:55 PM / by Hope Marshall

Have you been considering a window feeder for your home? The JCs Wildlife Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder is a great way to bring birds to you. Just place the Diner 9 on your window and fill it with loose bird seed, and soon you’ll be greeting feathered friends through your window pane.

Green Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder

The Diner 9 Window Feeder comes in yellow, red, blue, green, and black, so you’ll bring color to your window before the birds even get there. These colors won’t deter the birds, so pick a blue feeder to match your shutters or green to compliment a green front door; either way, it’ll look fabulous on your window.


JCs Wildlife Black Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder


Design-wise, the JCs Wildlife Diner 9 Window Feeder is also wonderful. The clear acrylic wrap-around helps you see the birds clearly when they are feeding, while the overhang roof and drainage holes in the seed tray keep their food dry and free of mold. Screwed in with stainless steel screws, the four suction cups—two on top and two on bottom—are secure enough to support the weight of the full feeder and of visiting birds, so you won’t be spilling bird seed on the ground either. When you receive your Diner 9, all you’ll need to do is give the window a quick wipe down and screw in the suction cups and your feeder will be ready to go.


JCs Wildlife Blue Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder

The Diner 9 Window Feeder also holds up to 3 cups of loose bird seed, so the hungry birds will thank you. Birds will eat as much seed as you put out for them, but with 3 cups of feed, the birds will recognize your feeder as a consistent food source and they’ll be visiting more often.


JCs Wildlife Yellow Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder

As you can see, the JCS Wildlife Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder is a fantastic feeder for your home. It will look wonderful outside, and the sight of feeding birds from the other side of your window will be even more beautiful.


JCs Wildlife Red Diner 9 Window Bird Feeder

Get your own Diner 9 feeder today, my personal favorite is the blue! Also, don’t forget to tag our social media pages when you’re sharing your own JCs Wildlife Products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!



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Hope Marshall

Written by Hope Marshall